The EU and Turkey agree on cooperation on migration issues

On the first day of the European Council on Thursday 17 March, the EU leaders agreed on a joint position on cooperation with Turkey. Friday’s talks with Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu resulted in an agreement on migration issues aimed at stopping the irregular flow of refugees and ending human smuggling. Sweden was represented by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

"Managed in the right way with functioning border controls – and as long as the EU Member States manage to put in place a system in which all countries take part and take their share of responsibility in a spirit of solidarity for people who are fleeing – this could be the first step towards a sustainable system for legal routes for refugees into the EU," said Mr Löfven following the meeting of the European Council and the agreement with Turkey.

The agreement includes the return of migrants in Greece to Turkey, increased support to the approximately 2.5 million refugees who are currently in Turkey and increased support to Greece so that it can manage the legally secure reception and return of refugees.

Mr Löfven held a press conference directly after the EU's agreement with Turkey.