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Today is International Women’s Day


Equality between women and men is a fundamental aim of Swedish foreign policy. Ensuring that women and girls can enjoy their fundamental human rights is both an obligation within the framework of our international commitments, and a prerequisite for reaching Sweden’s broader foreign policy goals on peace, and security and sustainable development.

The situation in the world calls for a feminist foreign policy that aims to strengthen women's rights, representation and access to resources.

On international women's day, join us in drawing attention to the #3rs of gender equality.


The human rights of women and girls are violated all over the world. The full enjoyment of human rights by all women and girls must become a reality, including by combating all forms of violence and discrimination that restrict their freedom of action.


Women are still under-represented in influential positions in all areas of society and in all processes. Women's equal participation and influence in decision-making processes must be promoted at all levels and in all areas of society, including all stages of peace processes and peacebuilding. Research shows that inclusive peace processes pave the way for a greater number of possible solutions that become better established and are more sustainable.


Women and girls often lack social or economic rights, including access to and control of economic resources, quality education, land, inheritance rights, productive work and equal pay. Women and men must have the same power to shape their societies and their lives. Resources must be distributed differently to promote equal rights and opportunities for all. In global terms, a larger proportion of aid must go to promoting gender equality and women's rights.