World’s first public digital meeting of foreign ministers held today

Today, March 8, on International Women’s Day, the first public digital meeting of foreign ministers was held. Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström gathered her network of women foreign ministers to discuss feminist foreign policy. During the meeting the participants shared experiences and good examples, and gave their views on gender equality in a foreign policy context.

Photo: Government Offices of Sweden

Foreign ministers from four countries participated in the meeting on the theme of 'women, peace and security'. In addition to Sweden, the participating countries were: Panama, Kenya and Liechtenstein. During the meeting, each country presented their priorities in the area.

"Issues surrounding women, peace and security not only concern women's rights, they also concern creating peace and stability in the world. Studies show that women's involvement increases the chances of securing peace agreements, and ensuring that they are sustainable in the long-term. In a world affected by more conflicts than in several decades, it is therefore a very important theme to both highlight and implement measures on," says Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström.

Sweden has made this theme a high priority issue during its two-year non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council.

"Peace and security are created together. They require dialogue and cooperation. The digital meeting was therefore an opportunity to discuss common challenges and share experiences. The discussions were very rewarding and constructive," concludes Ms Wallström.

The meeting could be watched online by the general public. Anyone could follow the discussions in real-time on the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube page. A recorded video of the meeting can also be viewed at:


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