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Article from Ministry of Culture

Investments in culture, democracy and sports in the 2020 Budget


In the Budget Bill for 2020, the Government, together with the Liberal Party and Centre Party, puts forward several proposals to strengthen democracy, culture and sports throughout Sweden. Here you can learn more about some of the proposals within the Ministry of Culture’s budget areas.

Media support for local journalism throughout Sweden

To improve the conditions for news coverage and local journalism throughout the country, the Government proposes that media subsidies are increased by a total of SEK 140 million in 2020, and SEK 110 million a year in 2021 and 2022, including previously announced increases. Moreover, an increase of SEK 30 million is proposed for 2019.

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Swedish democracy centenary

To celebrate 100 years of Swedish democracy, the Government proposes that SEK 25 million a year be allocated during 2020 and 2021 so that government agencies, municipalities and civil society organisations can implement special measures to strengthen democracy.

“More people should feel involved, knowledge about democracy must be increased and we need to safeguard the democratic dialogue. The democracy we inherited from earlier generations must be even stronger when we pass it on to our children,” says Minister for Culture and Democracy Amanda Lind.

School trips to Holocaust memorial sites

The Government proposes extending and strengthening the support for history and remembrance trips, so that more schools can make trips to Holocaust memorial sites, such as Auschwitz, and other concentration camps. This entails a further SEK 5 million being allocated for history and remembrance trips in 2020, and that SEK 6 million is allocated annually during 2021 and 2022.

The proposal will enable more remembrance trips to be made in 2020, and means the investment is extended by two years, from 2020 to 2022. More schoolchildren making history and remembrance trips to Holocaust memorial sites and learning about the history of the Holocaust, antisemitism and racism, helps raise awareness among young people of the consequences of racism and undemocratic government.

Government support to culture schools reintroduced

To ensure that as many children and young people as possible can benefit from  municipal culture school activities, the Government proposes that the support to municipalities running culture school activities should be reintroduced, and that it should amount to the previous level of SEK 100 million a year.

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Free admission to state-owned museums

Free admission to museums has enabled more people to visit museums and have access to our shared cultural heritage. Since the reform was introduced in 2016, the number of visitors has increased, and to boost the work of the museums, the Government proposes in the Budget Bill that the free admission reform is reinforced with a further SEK 10 million. This means that the state-owned museums will receive SEK 90 million a year going forward to enable them to continue offering free admission and high-quality activities.

Measures to promote reading

To give all children and young people more equal opportunities to attain adequate reading skills, the Government considers that the appropriation increase calculated for the grant to literature and cultural publications for libraries’ work on reaching young people in socio-economically disadvantaged environments should instead be used for measures to promote reading. This is because the investment in strengthening libraries already achieves the aim of reaching young people in socio-economically disadvantaged environments. This proposal means that the appropriation will be increased by SEK 25 million annually in 2020 and 2021. 

Life-long sporting activities

Sport and physical activity should be life-long commitments that contribute to better health and reduce loneliness among the elderly. It is therefore important to improve access to sports for elderly people and the Government therefore proposes in the Budget Bill an investment of SEK 20 million in the sports movement, which can develop forms for activities in this field, together with pensioner organisations.

Shortcut: Budget Bill for 2020

On 18 September the Government submitted its proposal for the central government budget to the Riksdag.