This content was published in the period between 21 January 2019 and 8 July 2021.

Sweden and Spain gathered world leaders for a meeting to boost UN cooperation


On Tuesday 10 November, some 10 heads of state or government met for a digital summit hosted by Spain and Sweden. The aim was to bring together a group of countries that together are ready to help strengthen the UN, in light of the UN’s 75th anniversary. The countries also adopted a joint statement on this at the meeting.

The group represents countries from all over the world: Bangladesh, Costa Rica, Jordan, Canada, New Zealand, Senegal, South Africa, South Korea and Tunisia, which are all, together with Sweden and Spain, united in the idea that more cooperation is good for each individual country, but also for the world.

In addition to the vision of strengthening the UN’s work, the meeting was also intended to build global support for sustainable post-pandemic reconstruction.

In September this year, when the UN celebrated its 75th anniversary, the countries of the world adopted an ambitious and forward-looking declaration to address the major challenges of our time. Sweden and the countries that attended the digital summit jointly wish to take the lead in implementing the goals presented in the UN75 Declaration.

Sweden views this as a long-term effort. We will continue to push for greater international cooperation. Global challenges require global responsibility – as well as global engagement. The results of the elections in the United States mean there is good reason to believe that the incoming administration in Washington will be more involved in issues that concern the UN and international cooperation. We welcome this and look forward to cooperating with the US on these issues.

Read the full statement here:

Joint Statement Reinforcing Multilateralism together building on the United Nations 75th Anniversary Declaration