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We are very pleased to provide you with relevant and practical information to make your posting both pleasurable and rewarding. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Protocol Department at the MFA.

  • New ambassadors from Botswana, Malaysia, Slovenia and Liberia

    The ambassadors from Botswana, Malaysia, Slovenia (with residence in Copenhagen) and Liberia (with residence in Berlin) presented their letters of credence to H.M. The King on Thursday 21 February 2019 in an audience at the Royal Palace in Stockholm: H.E. Ms. Chandapiwa Nteta, Botswana; H.E. Ms. Nur Ashikin Binti Mohd Taib, Malaysia; H.E. Mr. Edvin Skrt, Slovenien (non-resident from Copenhagen); and H.E. Ms. Youngor Sevelee Telewoda, Liberia (non-resident from Berlin).

  • Circular Note 2/2019 Notification of end of duty

    Circular Note 2/2019 provides important information regarding the notification of end of duty.

  • Circular Note 1/2019 Size of the Mission

    Circular Note 1/2019 provides important information regarding the size of the Mission.

  • Updated information regarding VIP service at Arlanda Airport

    Please note that the Protocol Department pays for a maximum of three people greeting at the VIP lounge, upon first arrival and/or final departure of Heads of Missions to Sweden. Embassies are welcome to invite more greeters to the VIP Lounge but in that case, missions will be invoiced (by Swedavia) for the number of people exceeding three. More information, including price list and contact details, is available on the Swedavia website. Please also note that holders of airport photo badges for mission staff must use these when receiving or bidding farewell to ambassadors at the VIP lounge, as temporary badges cannot be issued.

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