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21.3 Communication with the Royal Court

Embassies’ communication with the Royal Court.

Gifts to the Royal Family can be delivered to:
The Palace's Post & Logistics reception
(Kungl. Slottets Post & Logistik-mottagning)
Högvaktsterrassen 1
107 70 Stockholm
Opening hours: Monday – Friday 07:00–16:30 hrs
There is staff there who will receive the gift. It is very important that the gift is clearly labelled, including who it is from and to whom it is intended.
If the driver has any trouble finding the location, please call the Royal Palace at: 08-402 60 00

New Year's greetings, birthday greetings and National Day greetings are to be sent directly to the private secretary to His Majesty the King, Ms. Heidi Kumlin.
By e-mail to: [email protected]
By Postal service to:
Private Secretary to His Majesty the King
Heidi Kumlin
Kungliga Slottet
SE-107 70 Stockholm (Sweden)

For any other matters please contact the Office of the Marshal of the Court by sending a mail to: Ms Charlotte Dahl 
By e-mail to: [email protected]
By Postal Service:
Charlotte Dahl
Kungliga Slottet
SE-107 70 Stockholm (Sweden)