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26. List of forms

3.2 Notifications

Ny Notification of arrival

Supplementary notification

3.3 Work permits for family members

The Swedish Migration Agency: Application for Swedish work permit

3.4.3 Visitors' permits for relatives

Application form 164011 (Ansökan om uppehållstillstånd för besök)

Application form 164011 (Application for visitor's permit)

3.6 Mail delivery and collection at the Protocol Department

List of staff members who deliver and collect mail at the Ministry

4. Departure

Notification of end of duty

7.2 Contract of employment

240412 Employment Contract for Private Servants.pdf

8.2.4 Forms and further information

SKV 4632 (Tax application for foreign entrepreneurs)

SKV 4314 (Preliminary income tax return)

SKV 2300 (Income statements (for employees who are not taxed in Sweden, for example due to a tax treaty))

SKV 2303 (Special income statement (for employees who are not taxed in Sweden, for example due to a tax treaty)

SKV 2304 (Summary for income statements (please include this when you send income statements on paper))

10.4 Surveillance cameras

Application for public camera surveillance license

11.6.1 The tenancy agreement

Model rental agreement

12.1.2 Refunds for Diplomatic Agents, Career Consuls

SKV 5650 (Application for Refund of VAT and certain excise duties – personal use by diplomatic agents, career consuls or the personnel of certain international organisations)

12.1.3 Exemptions in other EU member states

VAT and excise duty exemption certificate

13. Customs privileges and duty-free import

13.2 EORI number

Application for EORI number

13.3 Import of shipped personal belongs when moving to Sweden

Single Administrative Document

13.6 Temporary duty-free import from non EU countries for exhibition and fair purposes

Permit for duty-free import

13.7 Procedures application for duty free import

Application for duty-free import (Embassy)

Application for duty-free import (Career Consular Post)

Application for EORI number

20.2 Airport photo badges for mission staff

Application for badge at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Authorisation for check of criminal records

Application for check of criminal records

22.1 Application for a license to possess or import a firearm

Application forms