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4. Departure

The Protocol Department should be notified about the final departure of staff and their family members by using the form “Notification of end of duty”. Identity and residence permit cards should be returned to the Ministry without delay.

When members of the Mission end their duty, the Mission should collect identity cards issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs before departure from Sweden.

Without delay after the termination of duty, the Mission should submit to the Protocol Department the form “Notification of end of duty” together with the identity cards. The form should be carefully filled in, including the date of departure.

Residence permit cards, which might be needed when leaving Sweden/Schengen, should be returned to the Protocol Department as soon as possible after arrival in the country of destination through the Mission in Sweden.

This procedure also applies to family members and private servants.

Notification of end of duty

Motor vehicles

After the sale, other transfer or export of a motor vehicle has been concluded, the Protocol Department should be notified. The diplomatic number plates should be returned at the earliest convenience to:
The Swedish Transport Agency, 701 88 Örebro.

If the vehicle is exported from Sweden, the Protocol Department is to be informed without delay.

Photo badge at Arlanda Airport

An embassy official who has been provided with an individual photo badge for access to the transfer area at Arlanda Airport must, upon completing his/her tour of duty, return this to the Arlanda Service Centre.

Personal belongings

For the export of shipped personal belongings to a country outside the EU, or to another country within the EU, consult the Swedish Customs website for general instructions.

The Swedish Movers Federation, (Sveriges Möbeltransportörers Förbund), may provide useful information on moving firms.

Tel. +46 (0)8 87 85 10

The Swedish Movers Federation



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