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3.3 Work permits for family members

Spouses/partners/cohabitees and children over 16 years of age belonging to the household may apply for a work permit free of charge. Applications may be submitted with the notification of arrival and before receiving a firm offer of a job. Applications should be submitted to the Protocol Department, which in turn will forward it with an accompanying letter to the Swedish Migration Agency. A copy of the passport and one photo should be enclosed. Work permits for family members are issued for a period of two years at a time, but not longer than the expiry date of the residence permit. The Protocol Department should be informed of spouses/partners/cohabitees or children working in Sweden. EU citizens do not need a work permit in order to work in Sweden.

Working spouses/partners/cohabitees and children will be liable to pay income tax on their salary (article 34 d of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and article 49 d of the Vienna Convention on consular relations). In accordance with article 31 of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations, immunity from Swedish civil and administrative jurisdiction will not apply in relation to any professional or commercial activity exercised by family members of diplomatic agents or administrative and technical staff at embassies. Family members of staff members at consulates do not enjoy immunity from jurisdiction.

The Swedish Migration Agency: Application for Swedish work permit


Protocol Department
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
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