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About the Strategy for Sweden’s Trade, Investment and Global Competitiveness


Sweden´s new strategy for trade, investment and global competitiveness (the trade strategy) takes a new and holistic approach. A broad concerted effort is necessary in light of rapid changes in the world and substantial geopolitical and trade policy challenges facing Sweden and Swedish businesses.

The trade strategy is aimed at creating the best possible conditions for Swedish businesses to meet these emerging challenges while at the same time harnessing the substantial business opportunities created by the green and digital transition globally. 

On November 30 the Government adopted a new Strategy for Sweden’s Trade, Investment and Global Competitiveness. The overall objective of the new Strategy is to provide the best possible preconditions for Swedish businesses to manage emerging challenges facing the world today, and to harness the massive business opportunities that arise through the green and digital transition. The Strategy takes a holistic whole-of-government approach and aims to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and improve the conditions for trade, investments, and innovation, increase the exports and presence of Swedish businesses in international markets, and to strengthen Sweden’s position as a prioritized partner for green and digital transition, in order to contribute more to the goals of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Objectives of the foreign trade strategy

The new trade strategy has three overarching objectives: 

  1. Strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness by improving conditions for trade, investment, and innovation.
  2. Increasing the exports and international presence of Swedish business. 
  3. Strengthening Sweden’s position as a prioritised partner in the green and digital transitions.  

The objectives should be achieved by 2030 and an initial independent evaluation will be carried out in 2026.

Concerted efforts to strengthen Sweden’s and Swedish businesses’ competitiveness

The trade strategy takes a concerted whole-of government approach to strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness, investments and exports. Below are some of the proposed objectives and measures included in the strategy: 

  • developing the EU single market and ensuring well-functioning world trade;
  • fostering better conditions for investments, research and innovation; 
  • attracting qualified foreign labour; 
  • streamlining support for the exports and internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • supporting reconstruction in Ukraine
  • implementing a special initiative focused on promoting Swedish business in Asian growth markets 
  • positioning Sweden as a prioritised cooperation partner for green and digital transition 
  • strengthening synergies between trade, promotion and development cooperation, and developing new financing solutions
  • supporting Swedish companies in their efforts to contribute with innovative solutions, expertise to good development and climate results in low- and middle-income countries,
  •  actively promoting  a fact-based and positive image of Sweden abroad.  At the same time, Sweden’s resilience against disinformation and information influence is enhanced.


Sweden is dependent on exports, which is equivalent to approximately 50 per cent of Sweden’s GDP. It is therefore essential to strengthen our businesses’ international trade opportunities in both traditional and new markets, while offering attractive possibilities for foreign investments in Sweden.  

Sweden and the Swedish business sector face major challenges such as increased geopolitical tensions, growing protectionism and the increased use of interventionistic industrial policy globally. These challenges – as well as the opportunities offered by new growth markets – compel Sweden to mobilise all its resources across the government and private sectors. Our overall objective is to create world-class business and investment conditions. 

With the new Strategy for Sweden´s Trade, Investment and Global competitiveness, Sweden is taking a new and concerted approach to manage new challenges while harnessing emerging opportunities.