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Smart industry - a strategy for new industrialisation for Sweden

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Sweden’s prosperity is built on innovative and successful export companies that time and again have managed to renew and reorganise production and products to keep pace with changing markets. The Government’s strategy for new industrialisation is an important stage of the effort to benefit from the window of opportunity for new industrialisation that is now open to Sweden.


The Government's strategy for new industrialisation is to strengthen companies' capacity for change and competitiveness and we have therefore chosen four focus areas of particular importance to this:

  • Industry 4.0 – Companies in the Swedish industrial sector are to be leaders of the digital transformation and in exploiting the potential of digitalisation.
  • Sustainable production – Increased resource efficiency, environmental considerations and a more sustainable production are to contribute to the industrial sector's value creation, job creation and competitiveness.
  • Industrial skills boost – The system for supplying skills is to meet the industrial sector's needs and promote its long-term development.
  • Test bed Sweden – Sweden is to lead research in areas that contribute to strengthening the industrial production of goods and services in Sweden.