An additional SEK 400 million for the fight against Ebola and humanitarian disasters

The Government today decided to earmark an additional SEK 400 million from funds for development assistance in Africa for extraordinary measures to combat the Ebola outbreak (SEK 250 million), but also for the humanitarian crises in Syria, Iraq and other parts of the world (SEK 150 million).


The Government recognises major needs in terms of the fight against Ebola and humanitarian crisis areas such as Iraq and Syria. More than one hundred million people around the world are currently in an extremely vulnerable situation and are in need of humanitarian support.

“The Government wants to see a strong UN in efforts to combat Ebola. The UN is doing its coordinating work well and we want to make an additional contribution to that work. We want to provide financial support, but we are also pleased that Sweden, via the expertise and global networks of Anders Nordström, is able to make this crucial contribution to efforts to combat Ebola,” says Ms Lövin.

Through today’s decision the Government is providing additional funds of up to SEK 250 million for the fight against Ebola. This support will go to the UN’s coordinating role and to action being taken by African organisations. The total Swedish support to combat Ebola following today’s decision amounts to SEK 489 million. Sweden is also seconding Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health, to work together with UN special envoy David Nabarro to secure continued international political engagement and coordination of resources.

“The spotlight in the news has shifted slightly as a result of the Ebola outbreak. However, this does not change the fact that there are still many extremely serious crises occurring in other parts of the world. The Government is taking a holistic approach and providing support to both the fight against Ebola and humanitarian operations where they are needed,” says Minister for International Development Cooperation Isabella Lövin.