Extension of space cooperation between Sweden and the United States

In Washington DC last night Swedish time, a framework agreement was signed between Sweden and the United States to extend their space cooperation.

This new framework agreement means that the cooperative activities between Sweden and the United States in the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes has been extended for an additional ten years. The first framework agreement, signed in 2005, has been successful and has made possible a number of joint projects between the Swedish National Space Board, NASA and industrial actors.

“The United States is the world’s most important space nation, while Sweden is at the forefront in a number of different areas in space research and technological development. Our agreement, which has been in place for ten years, has been profitable for both countries, and through this extension for an additional ten years we are securing the best conditions to enable Swedish space actors to continue advancing their cooperation projects with American partners. This in turn will provide opportunities for increased knowledge and new business deals, and may create more job opportunities,” says State Secretary Anders Lönn.

Mr Lönn signed the new framework agreement at House of Sweden in Washington DC in connection with the seminar ‘Swedish American Space Symposium – Space Cooperation for the Future’. The seminar was organised by the Swedish Embassy, the Swedish National Space Board and the Aerospace Industries Association, gathering representatives from the Swedish and American space industries.


Erik Pedersen
Acting Press Secretary to Minister for Higher Education and Research Helene Hellmark Knutsson
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