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Karolina Skog is no longer a government minister,
Minister for the Environment

Press release from Ministry of the Environment

Karolina Skog to attend UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi


The world’s environment ministers will meet at the third international UN Environment Assembly (UNEA 3) on 4–6 December in Nairobi, Kenya. They are expected to take decisions on measures to reduce air, marine, and land and soil pollution. Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog will take part in a number of dialogues and meetings focusing on marine litter, chemicals and air pollution.

This time, the UN Environment Assembly is focusing on pollutants, and the theme is 'Towards a pollution-free planet'. More than 100 environmental and climate ministers will gather to reach agreement on some 20 resolutions that will guide the way for future UN environmental efforts and for the member states' priorities. The global climate agreement from Paris and the global 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the points of departure.

"Pollution is the most common cause of death around the world. Each year, it kills more people than war, famine, malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined. We cannot turn a blind eye to the enormous environmental and health problems it causes. Now all countries and actors must raise their level of ambition," says Ms Skog.

Sweden is primarily pursuing three issues ahead of the Assembly:

  • Tangible commitments and measures to reduce emissions of air pollutants and so improve people's quality of life and health.
  • Marine issues and follow-up of the UN Ocean Conference that took place in June this year: primarily implementation of the countries' voluntary commitments concerning plastic in the oceans and other marine pollutants, including measures on land (a source-to-sea approach).
  • Sustainable management of chemicals and waste, focusing on preventive measures and gender equality.

Sweden wants the Assembly to lead to a ministerial declaration that clearly demonstrates the countries' determination to take forceful measures against the global challenges associated with pollution.

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Political Adviser to Minister for the Environment Karolina Skog
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The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) is the governing body of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Sweden is working to strengthen the role and mandate of UNEA and UNEP in line with the decision agreed on by the countries of the world in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. UNEP will monitor the state of the environment and promote gender equality in efforts to tackle global climate and environmental challenges, including pollution. The gender equality aspect is important to Sweden as women and children are particularly exposed to pollution.