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New climate decision to reduce industry and transport emissions


By 2045, Sweden will have achieved net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Several of the Government’s proposals in the Budget Bill for 2018, such as the ‘charge-at-home’ support, the Green Industry Leap and investments for international cooperation, will now be implemented.

"We are now making good on our promise and implementing an ambitious policy to help Swedish society make the transition. We are taking the major initiatives needed to ease the transition for industry and transport, while also making it easier for people to have a sustainable lifestyle," says Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate Isabella Lövin.

Transport currently accounts for one third of Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions. To increase the pace of vehicle fleet electrification, a special 'charge-at-home' grant is being launched. This will make it easier and cheaper for households to install charging points for electric vehicles at home and in this way transition to sustainable means of transport. The ordinance will enter into force on 1 February 2018 but will apply to charging points installed from 1 January.

People installing a charging point may receive a grant of up to 50 per cent of eligible costs, such as charging unit and electrical wiring costs. The maximum amount, however, is SEK 10 000 per property.

Emissions from industrial incineration and processes make up another third of Sweden's total emissions. The Swedish processing industry is very efficient by international standards, but to reduce emissions and achieve Sweden's climate objectives, businesses need to invest in technology shifts and often unproven technologies. This is why the Government is investing SEK 300 million per year until 2040 to help Swedish industry take the leap towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Government's decision today will enable the Swedish Energy Agency to decide on support to measures to reduce climate impact.

"Industrial transformation is one of the major challenges we face in bringing emissions down to zero. The Green Industry Leap will support industry to develop tomorrow's climate-smart solutions and jobs," says Ms Lövin.

The Government has also decided to provide additional support worth SEK 30 million for investments in international climate cooperation. This will contribute not least to reducing emissions in middle-income countries. Support in 2018 will amount to a total of SEK 235 million.

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