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Press release from Ministry of Infrastructure

Sweden takes international initiative to achieve low emissions in the transport sector


Sweden has taken the initiative to draft a joint statement from the roundtable on transport and climate at the International Transport Forum in Leipzig. Participating ministers and state secretaries from Chile, Poland, the Netherlands, Morocco, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Sweden have agreed that the climate must be considered when developing national transport policies and programmes.

- We need to take urgent action to fight climate change and we need to pursue a fair and equitable transition to a low carbon transport economy, says Sweden’s Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth.

The transport sector plays an important role in the effort to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and reduce global carbon emissions. International collaboration and strong leadership are needed to address the urgent challenges we face. 

- To ensure efficient, safe and competitive transport systems that reduce emissions of transport-related CO2, we need to work together and increase collaboration, for example sharing knowledge, skills and good practice with companies, regional and local governments, as well as cities and civil society, says Mr Eneroth.

The ministers and state secretaries who agreed on the statement acknowledge that there is a need to include all transport modes in the global effort to achieve low emissions.

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Joint statement: Transport and Climate - Moving forward from COP 24