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A coherent policy for the climate


For the first time, the Government is presenting a climate policy action plan to the Riksdag. The climate will be integrated into all relevant policy areas. The government bill, with its 132 measures, takes a holistic approach to how emissions will be reduced throughout Swedish society.

The development of the world’s climate is alarming. Right now, the world’s land-based ice sheets are melting, ocean temperatures are rising and the frequency of massive forest fires is increasing. A stable climate is essential for Earth’s ecosystems and human welfare.

Sweden is now taking an important step by integrating the climate into all relevant policy areas. The first climate policy action plan contains more than a hundred measures that the Government will implement during this electoral period and that cover every sector of society.

“The climate emergency is a serious threat to global prosperity and security if we do not end our dependence on fossil fuels and build environmentally sustainable societies. Ignoring scientists’ repeated warnings would be completely irresponsible. Sweden can lead the way and show that a fossil-free world is not only possible but can also promote our prosperity and our companies. In a unique move, Sweden is moving forward with an action plan and the fundamental approach that consideration of the climate must be incorporated into everything we do in society,” says Minister for Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin.

The Government’s overarching proposal in the government bill is that greater efforts must be made to integrate climate policy into all relevant policy areas. All sectors of society need to contribute to achieve the target that Sweden will have net zero atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions by 2045 at the latest. The work of integrating climate policy will involve reviewing all relevant legislation to ensure that the climate policy framework has an impact. It will also involve the Government, in connection with the next review of each societal objective, reformulating the objectives where necessary to ensure they are in line with the climate objectives, and conducting climate change impact assessments for the proposals in the relevant areas.

This action plan contains 132 measures that the Government intends to implement during this electoral period, both within specific sectors and overall. The action plan includes such sectors as manufacturing, transport, consumption, public procurement, agriculture, forestry, financial markets and international climate action.

Press contact

Robert Englund
Press Secretary to the Minister for Environment and Climate and Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin
Phone (switchboard) +46 8 405 10 00

Climate policy action plan and the Climate Act

The Climate Act (2017:720) states that every fourth year, the Government is required to draw up a climate policy action plan to be presented to the Riksdag the year following ordinary general elections. The Government is now presenting its first climate policy action plan in a bill to the Riksdag. The bill is based on an agreement between the Government, the Centre Party and the Liberal Party.