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Press release from Ministry of Culture

SEK 100 million to support particularly socially vulnerable people and combat isolation among the elderly during the coronavirus pandemic


The Government, the Centre Party and the Liberals are proposing an investment of SEK 100 million in civil society to strengthen associations and organisations working to support the most vulnerable in society during the coronavirus crisis. It is proposed that SEK 50 million be assigned to help people in particularly vulnerable situations, while the remaining SEK 50 million is to combat isolation among elderly people.

Organisations within civil society such as social charities working with the homeless and associations helping the elderly have a key role when it comes to reaching and supporting people in particularly vulnerable situations. During a crisis, support for these organisations to extend their social and humanitarian activities can be of great benefit. The investment of SEK 100 million for 2020 aims to bolster civil society and give organisations the opportunity to scale up their activities during the crisis.

The investment is in two portions. SEK 50 million is being earmarked for social and humanitarian efforts where there is a particular need. This could, for example, involve initiatives for people who are homeless, have no documentation or who are in socially vulnerable situations. SEK 50 million is being set aside to combat isolation among the elderly during the virus outbreak. This could include outreach activities by telephone to help overcome loneliness, provide assistance with digital meetings or help with food shopping.

The investment complements the previously announced investment of SEK 100 million in organisations working with children in vulnerable situations and organisations supporting women, children and LGBTQ people exposed to violence, as well as to combat violence in close relationships and honour-based violence and oppression.

The Government will announce further details about how this support will be provided and on the application process.

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