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Press release from Ministry of Justice

Negative COVID-19 test result required for entry into Sweden from UK


The Government decided today on a change to the entry ban that applies for travel to Sweden from the UK. The aim is to reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, especially the new variant of the virus discovered in the UK.

The Government recently instituted an entry ban that severely restricts the right to travel to Sweden from the UK. Swedish citizens and everyone transporting goods from the UK are exempt from the ban. The same applies to people who live or work in Sweden, people with imperative family reasons and diplomats.

The Government decided today that aliens who are covered by the exemption from the entry ban must present a negative test result for ongoing COVID-19 infection before they are allowed to enter the country. The requirement does not apply to those transporting goods – who may therefore enter the country without presenting a negative test result. This is to avoid impeding the transport of essential goods, such as pharmaceuticals or medical equipment.

Nor does the requirement apply to Swedish citizens, who always have the right to enter Sweden. However, the recommendation of the Public Health Agency of Sweden still applies, i.e. that everyone who has been in the UK should get tested for COVID-19 immediately upon arrival to Sweden, remain at home and get tested again after five days.

“Today’s decision is an important tool for reducing the risk of the spread of infection and is also in line with the European Commission’s new recommendation. It is important that we strive to act together with the rest of the EU in this special situation with regard to the UK in particular”, says Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg.

The Government’s decision on a requirement for a negative test result is linked to the lifting of the flight ban for traffic from the UK on 1 January.

The change applies from the day after tomorrow, 1 January.

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