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Statement by Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in connection with the incident in Stockholm


Today we have suffered a horrific attack in the heart of our capital. At 14.53 a truck ploughed down Drottninggatan in Stockholm and into Åhléns department store. We know that four people have died. Many more are injured. An entire country is united, in mourning, anger and resolve.

Firstly, to those of you who today are mourning a loss or are worried about someone who is injured, I want you to know that Sweden is by your side.

The police have reinforced their presence throughout the country and in strategic locations, and report that a person has been apprehended. The National Task Force is in operation. The Swedish Armed Forces are on heightened alert. The Government has gathered together. We have been keeping up-to-date and ensuring that the authorities have the resources they need and are supporting them in their efforts. We have also decided to strengthen border controls. We still urge everyone to be vigilant and to follow the information from the police.

The police are investigating this as a likely terrorist attack. If it is a terrorist attack, and regardless of whether it was carried out by an organisation or a lone perpetrator, the aim of terrorism is to undermine democracy. To sow discord between people, so that more people will begin to hate and distrust one another. But those kinds of acts will never succeed in Sweden. We know that our enemy is this kind of vile murderer – not one another. We will use all of Sweden's strength to track you down. Our message will always be clear: You cannot suppress us. You cannot control our lives. You will never win.

We are not alone. Leaders from all around the world have sent their messages of sympathy. At this difficult time Sweden is also showing its strength. The police, hospitals and rescue service personnel are working hard to help and ensure security for others. People in Stockholm have opened up their homes and workplaces to each other and displayed compassion, warmth and respect. You make Sweden proud.

I know that many are now worried and frightened. Many of us tonight are hugging those we love more tightly. The Government and I will work tirelessly to ensure your security. Take care of each other. Together we will take care of Sweden.