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10.1 Security and protection of missions and their staff

To report or ask for assistance in the case of immediate threats or emergency situations, dial 112 (emergency service) and request police assistance.

To report information that could be useful for the Police in its investigation of an incident, please call 114 14.

For other matters relating to the security of missions and their staff (incl. general security concerns, requests for security measures, offences, traffic surveillance, arranging of voting facilities), contact the Diplomatic Protection Service of the Swedish Police in Stockholm, which is responsible for the protection and surveillance of foreign missions in Stockholm (general phone number 010-563 45 62, Duty Officer 010-56 40 764, its Duty patrol car 0708 95 11 34, or fax 010-56 34 561). The local police authorities are responsible for guarding and protecting consular posts located in their areas. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs will be informed by the Police in such matters and does not need to be informed by the mission. 

Matters requiring special coordination (such as sports events) can be reported to the Swedish Security Service, Office for Coordination (fax 08 30 51 40, phone 010-568 70 00 or 010-568 76 36). The Office for Coordination will then notify the relevant police authority so that the necessary measures can be taken.


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