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10.2 Routines in case of major incident

In case of a major incident in Sweden, continuously updated information will be provided in English on the joint website of all Swedish authorities involved in emergency management:

The Ministry will be in close contact with the rest of the Government Offices and other Swedish authorities. Confirmed information regarding casualties and injured will be communicated to the concerned missions in Sweden by the Ministry without delay.

If you need to get in contact with the Protocol Department, please call UD-jouren (the Consular Emergency Centre) of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on 08-405 50 05.

To report information that could be useful for the Police in its investigation the incident, please call 114 14.

If you have information regarding potentially affected persons from the country of your mission, please fill in this form and send it to the Police at [email protected].

For information from the Police regarding operations in case of a major incident in Sweden, including the identification process of deceased persons, see this information sheet.

For general information from the Police on how the public should act in the unlikely event of a terrorist attack, see this video.


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