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15.4 Fees for wrongful parking

Since it is the duty of all persons enjoying privileges and immunities to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State, Swedish parking rules apply to all missions and their staff. Accordingly, they are expected to pay incurred fees relating to wrongful parking.

Failure to pay parking or control fees can be reported to the Ministry by the Transport Agency, or by the private companies that monitor parking spaces. The Ministry reserves the right to raise the question of non-payment of fees with missions or their respective personnel.

There are two kinds of fees pertaining to wrongful parking in Sweden.

Parking fees (Sw. felparkeringsavgift) derive from wrongful parking on public streets and spaces. Applicable rules on parking fees are to be found in the Act on parking fees and in the Ordinance on parking fees (Sw. lagen [1976:206] om felparkeringsavgift and förordningen [1976:1128] om felparkeringsavgift).

Parking fees can be appealed to the Swedish Police Authority. The decision of the Police can thereafter be appealed to a district court. If a parking fee is not appealed, or if an appeal is rejected, it is the responsibility of the Swedish Transport Agency (Sw. Transportstyrelsen) to collect the parking fee.

It should be noted that the Transport Agency may decide to request the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Sw. Kronofogdemyndigheten) to collect a parking fee.

Control fees (Sw. kontrollavgift) derive from wrongful parking in parking areas that are privately owned. Applicable rules are to be found in the Act on control fees in cases of wrongful parking (Sw. lagen [1984:318] om kontrollavgift vid olovlig parkering).

The recipient of a control fee may request the issuer, normally a private company, to revise its decision. It is for the private land owner to utilize available legal avenues to collect control fees. The recipient of a control fee may contest legal action from the private land owner, for example in a district court.

Further information in English on Swedish parking rules can be found in the broschure Stopping and parking by the Transport Agency. 


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