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19.1 Criteria for an honorary consul

Criteria applied when considering a request for an honorary consul (in Sweden)

  • Consular posts are established on a reciprocal basis.
  • There should be an identified need for the provision of consular services.
  • Meaningful consular functions should be exercised by honorary consular offices on a regular basis.
  • A consular post should preferably be established in a city, not in a rural area.
  • If a country does not have a diplomatic mission in Sweden, it is recommended that a consular post be established in the capital or in one of the major cities in Sweden.
  • Consul Generals may act as head of consular posts in the main cities.
  • No country may have more than two honorary consular officers belonging to the same consular post, including the head.
  • In principle, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs will not agree to the establishment of a new consulate in or near Stockholm, if a diplomatic mission already exists in the capital.
  • The consular district may comprise the whole of Sweden, one or several counties or a city.


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