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19.4 Procedure regarding exequatur

  • A note verbale should be sent to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Protocol Department), giving notice of the intention to establish an honorary consular post and/or to appoint an honorary consul, at the same time asking for the Ministry's advance approval. The note must include the full name of the nominee, the consular class, the consular district(s) concerned, the seat of the consular post, as well as a curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee.
  • The Chief of Protocol will then send a letter to the County Governor concerned.
  • Certain inquires will be made about the candidate. The resulting information will be forwarded to the Chief of Protocol.
  • If the person is considered suitable, a note verbale will be sent to the Embassy informing that the Ministry has no objection to the appointment.
  • Following the appointment of the honorary consul, a second note verbale should then be sent to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Protocol Department) as soon as possible requesting an exequatur. Please observe that the Protocol Department requires neither a copy nor the original of the consular commission.
  • The Protocol Department will then grant the exequatur in a note verbale. The Embassy will be informed of the date of the exequatur and requested to fill in a form with the honorary consul's full name, address, telephone number, etc.

In accordance with international practice, a request for an exequatur should be handled strictly between the Government or Embassy of the sending State and the Government of the receiving State. The consular candidate should, therefore, not contact the Ministry in this matter.

The head of a consular post may not assume his/her duties until the exequatur has been granted.


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