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20.2 Airport photo badges for mission staff

Embassy staff may apply for airport photo badges for mission staff in order to collect or deliver diplomatic post in the airport's authorization zone. A maximum of five photo badges may be delivered to each Embassy. According to Swedavia, airport photo badges are not intended to be used for receiving or bidding farewell to guests arriving or leaving as regular passengers. In such cases, it is recommended to use the airport VIP service. Please note that holders of airport photo badges must use them also when receiving or bidding farewell to guests arriving at or leaving the VIP lounge, as temporary badges cannot be issued to holders of photo badges.

The entire application procedure for photo badges may take up to four weeks and is based on Regulation (EC) No 300/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 on common rules in the field of civil aviation security and Swedish Transport Agency regulation (TSFS 2016:1) on aviation security.

The following three steps must be taken before photo badges can be issued:

(i) Each mission must first conclude a security agreement with Swedavia/Arlanda Service Center. Please contact Swedavia to conclude this agreement (tel.: 010 109 66 50 or e-mail: [email protected]).

(ii) Each mission may thereafter apply for photo badges (individually for each holder) for a maximum of five staff members, diplomatic and non-diplomatic staff. The following three forms must be completed:

1) Application for badge

2) Authorisation for check of criminal records

3) Application for check of criminal records

Once completed, the forms should be submitted directly to Arlanda Service Center, SASC 190 45 Stockholm-Arlanda, or by fax to 010 109 66 99. Arlanda Service Center then transmits the applications to the Swedish Transport Agency for a background check, which includes a check of public records and a determination of whether a person can be considered loyal to the interests to be protected under the Swedish Security Protection Act. No photo badges will be issued until a complete background check, including a check of public records, has been carried out.

(iii) Each staff member applying for a badge must thereafter complete an online security/safety training course on the Swedavia website:  Swedavia will provide login information to staff members upon request by telephoning 010 109 66 50 or emailing [email protected].

To collect the photo badge when issued, each holder must go in person to Arlanda Service Center (Terminal 5, ground floor) and present the identity card issued by the MFA (Swedish nationals are not entitled to MFA ID cards and must present a valid driving license or ordinary Swedish identity card instead). The photo badge must be worn whenever the holder enters the transit or collection areas of Arlanda Airport.

A photo badge is valid for a maximum of two years before it must be renewed. When mission staff terminate their duties prior to the photo badge's expiry date, the photo badge must be returned to Arlanda Service Center.

Staff members must observe Swedavia's regulation regarding photo badges. Swedavia reserves the right to revoke photo badges if this regulation is not followed. The Protocol Department has no ability to influence Swedavia's decisions or its processing of photo badges.


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