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3.4.2 Residence permits for study purposes

A residence permit is required to study in Sweden for more than three months. The residence permit must be obtained before departing for Sweden. To study for less than three months, a visa may be required.

Applications for a residence permit to study at a university or college in Sweden can be submitted online directly to the Swedish Migration Agency and are given priority.

For other studies at other educational institutions, applications can be submitted in person to the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate general.

Further information: The Swedish Migration Agency 

If a visa is required, applications should be submitted to the nearest Swedish embassy or consulate general as soon as possible. The embassy or consulate general should be contacted before the visit.

If an entry visa is not required, it is possible to travel to Sweden without a residence permit card if a decision from the Migration Agency can be presented when entering Sweden. In these cases, the documentation to receive a residence permit card is submitted to the Migration Agency after arrival.


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