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Nordic countries showing the way globally ahead of decisive climate negotiations


The Nordic environment and climate ministers met on 3 November in Copenhagen to discuss how they can work together to push for an ambitious outcome from the ongoing UN COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Issues concerning a global agreement on plastics and the plans for the Stockholm+50 conference are also on the agenda.

“I hope in Glasgow, we can help bridge the gap in the level of ambition – so that the world’s countries get closer to the Paris Agreement’s 1.5 degree target. When we Nordic countries work together, we have greater opportunities to influence the decision,” says Minister for Environment and Climate Per Bolund.

The traditional autumn meeting of the Nordic environment and climate ministers is being held within the framework of the Nordic Council of Ministers. In addition to the climate negotiations, the ministers will discuss how – at the forthcoming meeting of the UN Environment Assembly – they can work for an ambitious global agreement to prevent and reduce emissions of plastic waste and microplastics.

At the meeting in Copenhagen, Mr Bolund also updated his colleagues on plans to involve young people at the UN meeting on the environment that will be held in Stockholm in June 2022, for which the Nordic Council of Ministers is an important partner.

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