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13.1 General info

For imports from non-EU/EEA countries, exemption from customs duties is granted in accordance with the Vienna Conventions on Diplomatic and Consular Relations. The exemption covers:

  • Articles for the official use of a mission or a career consular post
  • Articles for the personal use of a diplomatic agent or a career consular officer who is not a Swedish national or a permanent resident in Sweden, and members of his/her family forming part of his/her household

Administrative and technical staff and consular employees (who are not Swedish nationals and not permanent residents in Sweden), and family members forming part of their household, enjoy exemption from customs duties only on articles for personal use imported at the time of their first installation (during a period of twelve months).

A consular post headed by an honorary consul enjoys exemption from customs duties only for the following articles, provided that they are for the official use of the consular post: coats-of-arms, flags, signboards, seals and stamps, books, official printed matter, office furniture, office equipment and similar articles supplied by or at the instance of the sending state.

Other uses of goods imported duty-free than the accepted, such as sales, would be in contravention of Swedish law and of the Vienna Conventions. All tax-free purchases have to be reasonable in quantity. The Protocol Department will therefore reserve its right to reject applications which are not within reasonable limits.


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