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13.6 Temporary duty-free import from non EU countries for exhibition and fair purposes

  • 13.6.1 The A.T.A carnet

Permit for duty-free import

13.6.1 The A.T.A carnet

Those who have an ATA Carnet are not required to make a deposit. The ATA Carnet can be purchased through the Chamber of Commerce in the sending State (if it is connected to the ATA Carnet-system). When you use an ATA Carnet, you do not show any other customs documentation at Swedish border crossings.

The A.T.A. Carnet is an international customs document used worldwide to facilitate customs clearance of goods temporarily imported into a member country. The Carnet may be used for example in connection with the import of commercial samples and goods intended for exhibitions organized by a diplomatic mission or consular post.

More information regarding the A.T.A Carnet can be found at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce webpage: Stockholm Chamber of Commerce


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