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13.7 Procedures application for duty free import

In order to bring in items from countries outside the European Union through duty-free import, missions must present the form Application for duty-free import'/Tullverket Tv 740.22 (embassy) or Tullverket Tv 740.32 (career consular post) , signed and sealed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the customs station where the goods are to be retrieved.

Application for duty-free import (Tullverket Tv 740.22 (embassy))

Application for duty-free import (Tullverket Tv 740.32 (career consular post))

When importing goods in customs storage, the goods should be declared for customs in the EU country where they are stored. If they are not declared for customs, a permit for T1 transfer acquired through the EU-wide NCTS, New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) is required.

The form, as well as specifications, should be submitted in duplicate specifying the articles in question, i.e. nature of goods, quantity (including total quantity in figures as well as in letters), value, country of purchase and supplier, as well as information as to the consignee. As for cars, information should include the make of the cartogether with its price and registration number, as well as the make and year and a certificate of origin. The form should be provided with the official seal of the diplomatic mission or consular post. No corrections are allowed.

If the application form has been signed by a chargé d'affaires, a Note to the Ministry must accompany the application form stating the name of the said chargé d'affaires and the duration of his/her temporary status. If such a Note has already been forwarded to the Ministry, a copy of the Note accompanying the application form is sufficient.

Honorary consular posts should apply directly to the local customs authority in question when requesting duty-free imports.

All goods specified in the application must be cleared through customs on the same occasion.

In order to bring in items from countries within the European Union through duty-free import, missions must present the form 'VAT and/or excise duty exemption certificate'. 
VAT and/or excise duty exemption certificate

List of contacts:

Swedish Customs (Tullverket)

Phone: +46 (0)771 520 520

Swedish Board of Agriculture (Jordbruksverket)

Phone: +46 (0)771-223 223

National Food Administration (Statens livsmedelsverk)

Phone: +46 (0)18 17 55 00


Application for EORI number (Swedish Customs)

Information from Swedish Customs on Duty-free imports (Swedish Customs)

Declaration for obtaining relief from customs duty and tax on personal belongings when moving to Sweden 

Import of food stuffs for personal use:

The EU Regulation 206/2009 relates to the control of import of foodstuffs for personal use. The Regulation and a table of how the regulation affects specific products are available at:

The Swedish Board of Agriculture

CITES, protected species and import restrictions

The authorisation for temporary duty-free imports for exhibitions and fares (Swedish Customs)


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