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16.7 Health care advice over the phone

The Regions of Sweden provide the 1177 Health Guide (1177 Vårdguiden), which has a 24 hours service with medical advice over the phone. The experienced nurses who answer calls to the phone number 1177 will provide guidance in Swedish or English to the appropriate care at the appropriate place. There is no need to log in to or to enter your immunity number when calling 1177, you may just hold the line.

In addition to Swedish and English, healthcare advice over the phone is also offered in the following languages:

  • Finnish – call 1177 weekdays 8 am–12 noon
  • Arabic – call 08-123 130 80  every day 8 am–10 pm
  • Somali – call 08-123 130 90  weekdays 8 am–5 pm
  • Persian – call 08-123 130 87  weekdays 8 am–5 pm

Answers to frequently asked questions are also available on the 1177 Health Guide’s website.

If you are in an emergency and you require immediate care, you should always dial 112.


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