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17.2 Preschool class (age 6)

Preschool class begins for children at the age of 6. EU/EEA citizens have a statutory right to education in preschool class at the same grant-aided price as for Swedish nationals. As of 1 January 2020, the same will apply for children of members of foreign missions from countries outside the EU/EEA. Further information on the legislative amendments is available in this press release from the Ministry of Education and Research: Children of all embassy staff recieve right to attend preschool class

In most cases, parents must apply for a place at a school in the municipality where the family lives, and the child is offered an available place based on the queue and admission rules of the school. Below is a list of preschools that are not connected to a compulsory school. For a list of preschools connected to compulsory schools, please see the non-exhaustive list of international schools in Section 17.5.

Under the Language Act (2009:60), all preschools must be able to support children in the Swedish language and will therefore have some Swedish-speaking staff. However, Swedish is not the main language at any of the schools listed below.


Futuraskolan International Schools (ages 1–6). These six Futuraskolan preschools follow the Swedish curriculum for preschools:

- Futuraskolan - Brunbärsvägen. This preschool uses English as the medium of communication, although Swedish may be spoken at times.

- Futuraskolan - Danderyd. This preschool uses English as the common language but also supports children in Swedish, Creole, Danish, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish and Yoruba.

- Futuraskolan -  Täby (Skarpäng). This preschool uses English as the common language but also supports children in Swedish, Arabian, Cantonese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Jola, Mandarin, Mandinka, Portuguese, Spanish, Urdu and Wolof.

- Futuraskolan - Täby (Näsby park). Futuraskolan International pre-school Näsby Park is a bilingual pre-school.

- Futuraskolan - Sollentuna. Futuraskolan International pre-school Kvarnskogen is a bilingual pre-school

- Futuraskolan - Lidingö. Futuraskolan International pre-school Gåshaga is a bilingual pre-school.

Humpty Dumpty Nursery School – Östermalm (ages 1–6)
Humpty Dumpty is a parent cooperative preschool. Its primary aim is to provide an English language environment for the children of its members. The active participation of parent members is vital to Humpty Dumpty's successful operation. Humpty Dumpty Nursery School is available to non-EU citizens.

Imagination International Preschool – Danderyd (ages 1–6)
Imagination International Preschool offers a bilingual environment in which children can learn both Swedish and English, although English is the medium of communication. This Reggio Emilia-inspired preschool is accustomed to enrolling non-EU families and is also open to residents from surrounding municipalities.

Olympen Förskola (ages 1–6)
Olympen Förskola offers a bilingual environment in which children can learn both Swedish and English. Olympen Förskola is accustomed to enrolling children of non-EU families.
- Olympen Förskola, Svea Torn
- Olympen Förskola, Ruddammen
- Olympen Förskola, Älvsjögård


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