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17.3 Compulsory school (ages 7–16)

Children of mission staff have a statutory right to compulsory school (Grundskola) from Years 1–9.

Most compulsory schools in Sweden are run by the municipality. In addition, there are independent compulsory schools (Friskola), which are open to all pupils. Classes at municipal compulsory schools and independent compulsory schools normally follow the Swedish curriculum and instruction is usually in Swedish only. There are, however, international schools or schools with instruction in a language other than Swedish. A non-exhaustive list of international schools that follow the curriculum of another country or the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, as well as schools that follow the Swedish National Curriculum but with instruction in a language other than Swedish, is found in section 17.5.

Compulsory schools are free of charge, since all compulsory schools in Sweden – including the international schools – can apply for, and will be granted, government grants that cover tuition costs, regardless of which country the child is from. However, international schools are allowed to charge extra fees. Each school sets its own fees. For information about the fees of a specific school, please contact the school you are interested in.

For information on admission to compulsory school, contact the school directly.

Please note that Stockholm is divided into several different municipalities. Pupils who reside in one municipality but wish to attend school in another may face some administrative obstacles. It is advisable to contact the education office in the municipality to resolve any issues that may arise.


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