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7.1 Introduction

A 'private servant' is defined as a person who is in the domestic service of a member of a mission (Article 1(h) of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations). Private servants should be distinguished from members of the service staff who are in the domestic service of a mission.

Only diplomatic agents and their consular equivalents are accepted as employers of private servants. In principle, only one private servant for each household is allowed. Exceptions can be made for heads of missions for the employment of an additional private servant. A needs assessment is made, taking into account the size of the employer's household, access to subsidised child care and special needs, etc.

Relatives of staff members will not be accepted as private servants.

The Protocol Department issues a residence permit for a private servant after their arrival in Sweden. However, a visa may be needed to enter Sweden. A person who is granted a residence permit by the Ministry as a private servant is exempt from the obligation to hold a work permit for their employment with a diplomatic agent or career consul.


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