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7.5 Residence permits

Upon arrival in Sweden, the private servant must be notified to the Protocol Department in accordance with the normal procedure and thereby apply for a residence permit. If not submitted before, a copy of the insurance policy should be attached.

A residence permit can be renewed on an annual basis, as long as the private servant works for the same diplomatic agent or career consul. When asking for extension the following additional documents should be attached;

  • a copy of the insurance covering healthcare and accident twenty-four (24) hours per day for the duration of at least one year or for the contract period
  • a copy of bank statements for the past year showing salary payments.

A private servant's service is limited to the service of the diplomatic agent or career consul who employed them, except in the event of a succession of ambassadors. Residence permits for private servants will not be granted for periods longer than eight years in total (including periods of time as another category of staff or as family member). Private servants are not permitted to transfer to work for another official of a mission or consulate. Nor are they permitted to work for other employers in the regular Swedish labour market.


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