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7.2 Contract of employment

A signed contract of employment must be submitted by a foreign mission in Sweden to the Protocol Department before a private servant can apply for a visa at a Swedish Embassy/Consulate General. The signed contract must be in accordance with the Model Employment Contract, which was updated in 2013 to better conform to relevant Swedish legislation and improve the working conditions for private servants.

  • The required salary for private servants is 22.000 SEK per month as of 1st of November 2023. A deduction of 5.000 SEK may be made if food and housing is provided. 
  • Employment must be based on a full-time position.The integrity of private servants must be respected.
  • Private servants must at all times be in possession of their passport, ID cards and personal belongings.
  • Working hours should not exceed 40 hours per week. Compensation should be given for overtime.
  • A minimum of 25 days of paid annual leave should be granted.
  • Salaries should be paid through bank transfers.
  • The employer is responsible for paying the necessary insurance coverage (life, healthcare and accident insurance).
  • The employer must pay for the private servant's return travel upon termination of employment.

Employment contract for private servants




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