Joint Statement on UN Common Agenda report


Today UN Secretary General António Guterres launched his Common Agenda report.

The report comes at a key moment for the future of multilateralism and it sets out a bold plan for how we as a global community must tackle the climate crisis and loss of bio diversity, pandemics, inequality and other existential crisis we are facing today and will have to deal with tomorrow. We stand before the threat of breakdown or the opportunity of breakthrough. We must seize this opportunity to build a better future.

We, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Senegal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden are deeply dedicated to a reinvigorated rules-based system of international cooperation, with a stronger and a more inclusive UN at its core. At the upcoming meeting of the UN General Assembly, we will send a clear strong signal that we cannot wait. We must urgently step up our actions to strengthen the global health architecture, tackle the planetary emergency more forcefully, ensure inclusion, equality participation and justice, strengthen peacebuilding and our ability to tackle new threats and build a more open and inclusive multilateral system where youth, civil society, private sector, academia and others have a space at the table.

We, the undersigned, commit to support the efforts of the Secretary-General and the United Nations to translate the ambitious agenda he has just presented into reality. We will provide our full support to efforts to strengthen international cooperation and get ready to tackle the big challenges of our time together. We will respond to the voices of young people, who clearly and rightfully demand that we act to ensure that this opportunity - to strengthen international cooperation for the greater good - is not lost. This is the call of our times.